Welcome to the website of the journal "Economics and Environment"

The journal "Economics and Environment" ("Ekonomia i Środowisko") is a leading Polish quarterly journal in the economics of environment and natural resources. It has existed since 1992.  The reference version of the Journal is the paper version.

This is the Journal of the Polish Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.

Value according to the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education: 40 points.

Fields and disciplines of science:

1.  Engineering and technology: architecture and urban planning, civil engineering and transport, environmental engineering, mining and energy

2.  Agricultural sciences: forestry

3.  Social sciences: economics and finance, social and economic geography and
spatial management, management and quality studies

 The Journal has been indexed in the following databases:

SCOPUS, Master Journal List - Emerging Sources Citation Index, EHIR PLUS,  Index Copernicus, Agro, BazEkon, BazTech


The Program Council of the journal "Economics and Environment":

  • Professor Zbigniew Bochniarz (USA)
  • Professor Tadeusz Borys
  • Professor Leon Braat (Netherlands)
  • Professor Adam Budnikowski
  • Professor Eva Cudlínová (Czechia)
  • Professor Józefa Famielec
  • Professor Bogusław Fiedor
  • Professor Wojciech J. Florkowski (USA)
  • Professor Kazimierz Górka
  • Professor Włodzimierz Kaczyński (USA)
  • Professor Teresa Łaguna
  • Professor Rafał Miłaszewski
  • Professor Bazyli Poskrobko
  • Professor Leszek Preisner
  • Professor Tomasz Żylicz

Editorial BOARD:

The journal's editor in chief is Professor Elżbieta Broniewicz

The Secretaries of Editorial Office is Dr Eng. Karolina Ogrodnik

Editors of particular sections are:

  • Professor Małgorzata Burchard-Dziubińska
  • Professor Stanisław Czaja
  • Professor Dariusz Kiełczewski
  • Professor Eugeniusz Kośmicki
  • Professor Barbara Kryk

We use Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).