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The authors of articles submitted to the editor are expected to give a well-founded presentation of:

  • the factual contribution to the content of articles;
  • the sources of research funding, the results of which are the content of the articles;
  • the property of the research instrumentation that contributed to the creation of the article.

Scientific articles are subjected to the following peer-review procedure:

  1. The Editorial Committee reviews the article in terms of its content and form.
  2. Two independent reviewers from outside the Editorial Committee draw up a review under the following principles:
  • the Author does not know the identity of his or her reviewer, and the reviewer does not  know the Author’s name (double-blind review process);
  • articles are reviewed in a REVIEW FORM;
  • the review ends with a clear conclusion as to whether the article can be published in the Journal.
          3. The Editorial Committee decides whether the article will be published in each issue of the Journal.

Information for Authors - Submission Guidelines

Authors are invited to submit Academic Papers on theoretical and empirical aspects of Sustainable Deve­lopment and Environmental Management as well as on Environmental Economics and Natural Resources. Papers submitted for review should be in the form of Articles, Research Reports, Discussions or Reviews of Books, information on Academic Conferences, Symposia or Seminars.

Submissions should have up to 25.000 characters excluding abstract and reference list, with a clearly defined structure (Introduction, Chapters, Sub-chapters, Ending/Conclusions). Please strictly observe the number of characters. Each additional 1.000 characters of the text are charged (25 PLN or 6 EUR net).

Articles should be sent by e-mail to, in compliance with the official form published on the journal's website ( A model form can be found in TEMPLATE. The references cited have to be in alphabetical order, unnumbered. Plans, drawings and schemas (black & white only) should be prepared using Microsoft Word with all elements in a single element group. Graphic elements (e.g. JPG) and schemas (e.g. in Excel) should be submitted additionally as separate files.

Papers will be submitted to Peer Review. Submission of a manuscript implies that the work described has not been published previously and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Authors of a submitted manuscript must sign a declaration confirming that and provide the DECLARATION with the paper.

The article is treated as the final text, after taking into account our reviewers' comments (file: REVIEW RESPONSE). Possible corrections resulting from the editorial composition can only be made on pdf files sent for our approval. Any corrections should concern only the errors resulting from the work on the text during the composition (e.g. changes in subscript/upload indices, drawing errors and other technical errors).

Please proofread the paper before sending them to us, as only the papers without any grammatical and spelling errors will be accepted. The Author have to sign the STATEMENT, that the native speaker or professional translator has checked the article. Please use the correct scientific English. The Editorial Office may publish abridged versions of papers or change titles.

Authors of a submitted manuscript must sign a CONTRACT, confirm that the paper has not been published previously and transfer the propriety copyrights concerning the Publisher's work.

Author's Fees: PLN 1500,  or 350 EUR. 

The fee is charged after accepting the paper for publication.

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