"Economics and Environment"  No. 63 

Katarzyna Tokarczyk-Dorociak, Marta Sylla , Integrating ecosystem service assessment as a tool to support decision-making in the framework of environmental impact assessment

Mirosław Broniewicz , Energy efficiency of steel buildings

 Włodzimierz Kaczocha, Jan Sikora , Ethical values and norms in the management of attractive natural areas

 Piotr J. Białowąs , Reorganization of the environmental management system in the process of mergeres – practical aspects

 Monika Kolendo, Łukasz Kolendo , Using GIS in the municipality suitability assessment for the tourism and recreation development

 Rafał Nagaj , Changes in the electricity sector in Poland in the light of environmental protection and development conditions of agriculture and rural areas

 Dariusz Starkowski, Paweł Bardziński , Road transport process analysis, of municipal waste, on the basis of a chosen service company. Classification and identification of waste

 Mikołaj Jalinik , Anthropogenic tourist attractions in forest areas

 Paweł Tadejko , Environmental monitoring systems using Internet Of Things – standards and protocols

 Jacek Marcinkiewicz, Tomasz Poskrobko , Market knowledge and declared preferences in the CVM (using wind power plants as an example)

 Piotr Bołtryk , The procedure of obtaining a decision on the environmental conditions of consent for the implementation of an undertaking on the example of an investing consisting in the construction of a broiler house in a mulching system together with accompanying infrastructure (part 2 – the environment impact of assessment and issuing the decision)

 Ewa Rauba , Services of surface water ecosystems in relations to water usage for irrigation of agricultural land

 Mariusz Trela , Electric road transport in Poland – an analysis of external costs

 Adam Pawlicz, Robert Kubicki , Sharing economy development paths in non-urban areas. The case of hospitality product in Polish national parks

 Grażyna Karmowska , Development of the EU societies and social progress

 Agnieszka Abramowicz , Analysis of the state of development of the province of Podlasie

Tadeusz Pindór , Innovative methods of natural gas exploitation as a factor of sustainable development of world economy

 Monika Utzig , Urban and rural consumption pattern – convergence or divergence? Deliberations against sustainable development

Janusz Leszek Sokół , Analysis of the activities of agritourism farms in the area of Narew National Park

 Anna K. Mazurek-Kusiak , Characteristics of demand for recreational activity on cycling routes in landscape parks of Lublin province

 Katarzyna Wierzbicka , Innovative methods of natural gas exploitation as a factor of sustainable development of world economy

 Kazimierz Zimniewicz , Review of the book: R. Scruton, Green Philosophy. How to Think Seriously about the Planet

 Jakub Kronenberg, Marcin Jarzębski, Kensuke Fukushi , Enhancing urban resilience through sustainability science research, statement about Polish-Japanese Symposium, 12th of October 2017, University of Łódź


"Economics and Environment"  No. 62

Agnieszka Rzeńca , The perspective of local authorities in resource-effi cient urban

management. The case of Lodz metropolitan area

 Karolina Ogrodnik , The application of the promethee method in evaluation of sustainable

development of the selected cities in Poland

 Karol Mrozik, Piotr Idczak , The capacity of ecosystem services in small water retention measures

 Natalia Świdyńska , Sustainable development of investment-attractive of Warminsko-Mazurskie province

 Ewa Ołdakowska , Research of economical effi ciency of road projects

 Maria Walery, Izabela A. Tałałaj, Yaroslava B. Mosiichuk , The value of the cost-effectiveness index in terms of changing of the incinerators capacity

 Piotr Bołtryk, The procedure of obtaining a decision on the environmental conditions of consent for the  implementation of an undertaking on the example of an investing consisting in the construction of a broiler house in a mulching system together with accompanying infrastructure (part 1 – initial assessment of the investment)

 Krystyna Rauba, Aneta Brulińska , The assessment of the public acceptance of the implementation of individual sewage treatment plants in Śniadowo municipality

 Edyta Pawluczuk , Ecological aspect of waste concrete fi nes application as cement replacement in fi ne-grained composites

 Joanna Pietrzak-Zawadka, Jan Zawadka , Nature museums and their activities for environmental and forest education

 Adam Edward Szczepanowski , Strategic management of the use of natural values for tourism development on the example of podlaskie region

 Stanisław Łuniewski , The removal of asbestos and asbestos-containing products as the component of waste management

"Economics and Environment"  No. 61

 Agnieszka Sobol, Civic participation in terms of common goods

Beata Wieteska-Rosiak, Directions in Climate Change Adaptation: case of Delta Cities network

Maria Kaczmarczyk, International transfer of environmental protection technologies and its connections with the R & D sector

Ksymena Rosiek, Environmental goods and services sector accounts – first statistics Jarosław Świdyński, Spatial forms of nature conservation in spatial planning and management

Jarosław Świdyński, Spatial forms of nature conservation in spatial planning and management

Bartosz Czarnecki, Merits of introducing revitalization in perspective of its complexity and local conditions – spatial context

Marian Gúčik, Matúš Marciš, Sustainable tourism development in the Tatra National Park

Piotr P. Małecki, Poland’s experience with environmental goods and services accounts

Agnieszka Napiórkowska-Baryła, Karolina Rozenek, Małgorzata Grzywińska-Rąpca, Environmental competitiveness of regions

Ilisio Manuel de Jesus, Financing infrastructure investments in local government units – a case study of the rural commune of Lidzbark Warmiński

Kazimierz Pająk, Oleksii Kvilinskyi, Olga Fasiecka, Radosław Miśkiewicz, Energy security in regional policy in Wielkopolska Region of Poland

Mirosława Witkowska-Dąbrowska, Domestic wastewater treatment facilities as an important component of the water and sewage management infrastructure in rural areas

Hanna Prószyńska-Bordas, Visitor segmentation in the national parks based on motivations and benefits obtained during the stay

Jan Zawadka, Joanna Pietrzak-Zawadka, Motives and ways of spending holidays in valuable natural areas preferred by urban inhabitants

Grażyna Anna Ciepiela, Monika Kur-Kowalska, Jolanta Jankowska, The size and utilization of the agritouristic accommodation base in the communities including areas of Białowieża National Park And Biebrza National Park

Jan Sikora, Agnieszka Wartecka-Ważyńska, Social functions of forests in Poland

Mikołaj Jalinik, The attractiveness of Białowieża Forest

Franciszek Mróz, Religious tourism in areas of environmental value in Poland

Bogusław Sawicki, Anna Mazurek-Kusiak, Promotion of tourist and recreational traffic in Kozłowiecki Landscape Park

Sławomir Snarski, Effects of supporting tourism in podlaskie voivodship under The Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Poland – Belarus – Ukraine 2007-2013

Aleksander Panasiuk, Financing Tourism Development of Environmentally Valuable Areas in Regional Operational Programmes in The European Union Financial Perspectives for 2007-2013 and 2014-2020


"Economics and Environment"  No. 60

Małgorzata Burchard-Dziubińska , Cradle to cradle approach in development of resource-effi cient economy

Monika Paradowska , Measuring socio-economic welfare and sustainable transport – selected dilemmas

Józefa Famielec, Stanisław Famielec , Environmental services in municipal solid waste management – the case study of waste incineration

Andrzej Graczyk , Problems with economisation of the environmental policy in Poland

Ryszard Janikowski , Dilemmas of environmental programming in the context of sustainable


Barbara Kryk , Economic accounts of the environment in polish public statistics

Elżbieta Lorek, Paweł Lorek , Modern software tools in sustainable development programming

Małgorzata Stępniewska, Damian Łowicki, Piotr Lupa , Possibilities of using the concept of ecosystem services at the regional level in experts’ opinions

Konrad Turkowski , Governance of publicly owned lakes in Poland – the current state and underlying conditions

Paulina Szyja , The role of resources in shaping economic development – a case study

Agnieszka Lorek , Priorities and new challenges of the local environmental policy in the Silesia region

Monika Kordowska , Tourism ecosystem services – an example of birdwatching at Nature 2000 sites

Adam Zydroń, Dariusz Kayzer, Krzysztof Szoszkiewicz, Mateusz Iwiński , Contingent valuation

of the Wielkopolska National Park by respondends of differentiated age and education

Rafał Miłaszewski, Damian Panasiuk , Application of economic analyses for evaluation of water treatment plants

Tomasz Cichoń, Jadwiga Królikowska , Efforts to reduce water losses in large water companies

Adam Piasecki, Jakub Jurasz , Economic and ecological aspects of rainwater reclamation in cities

Waldemar Kozłowski, Dawid Gołębiewski , Road project assessment within the framework

of sustainable development

Ewa Jastrzębska , The responsible consumer as an answer to new sustainable development challenges

Iwona Zwierzchowska , Urban ecosystem services – assessment of potential at the different spatial scale: an example of Poznań

Anna Dubel , Integrating mitigation and adaptation in climate, water and development policies in Krakow

Anna Kowalska, Andrzej Affek, Jerzy Solon, Marek Degórski, Bożenna Grabińska, Ewa Kołaczkowska, Bogusława Kruczkowska, Edyta Regulska, Ewa Roo-Zielińska, Jacek Wolski, Izabela Zawiska , Potential of cultural ecosystem services in postglacial landscape from the benefi ciaries’ perspective

Robert Czerniawski, Łukasz Sługocki, Katarzyna Dziewulska, Józef Domagła , Canoeing and angling in Drawa River drainage as important issues in spatial planning: an ecosystem services approach

Jadwiga Zaród , Utilization of supply benefi ts of agroecosystems in farms with various production profiles