Economic potential of recovery and recycling of silicone photovoltaics cells and non-ferrous metals as part of the transition towards a circular economy


solar panels,
SWOT analysis
economic dimension
circular economy
photovoltaic energy,

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Niekurzak, M., Brelik, A., & Lewicki, W. (2023). Economic potential of recovery and recycling of silicone photovoltaics cells and non-ferrous metals as part of the transition towards a circular economy . Economics and Environment, 86(3), 202–224.


The article aims to assess the economic recovery and recycling of silicon PV cells and the non-ferrous metals contained in them, taking into account the analysis of costs, benefits and factors: legal, ecological, technical, technological and social. The research methodology was based on statistical measures related to the analysis of PV structure and changes in individual years of operation. For the designated structures, the current state of knowledge and legal status in the field of recycling methods of exploited PV installations were defined. In addition, an analysis of the Polish market about selected developed countries concerning the recycling sector was performed, and the identification of key factors and barriers to the development of the analysed sector was presented. On this basis, the possibilities and directions of support for the PV recycling sector were indicated, and a SWOT analysis of possible methods of its support was made.


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