Pro-climate initiatives of selected enterprises in Poland


climate change, business, startup, strategy

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Jastrzębska, E. (2019). Pro-climate initiatives of selected enterprises in Poland. Ekonomia I Środowisko - Economics and Environment, 70(3), 10. Retrieved from


Action aimed to combat climate change and its consequences is number 13 among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): an urgent call for action announced by the UN in 2015 and highlighting the fundamental challenges to be faced by the modern world over the next 15 years. The SDGs are arousing a keen interest of the business sector. This is true also in Poland. Climate action is taken not only by large multinationals, which have become aware that degradation of the environment is now hampering development, but also by startups that are exerting an increasingly positive social impact and whose number has been growing rapidly worldwide. The article intends to asses selected cases of climate action taken by businesses in Poland. For this purpose, three parallel studies will be carried out of economic establishments based on a critical web research analysis.

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