The impact of the energy efficiency of the building to its market value


energy effi ciency, buildings, energy demand, energy consumption, market value of building property

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Gołąbeska, E. (2019). The impact of the energy efficiency of the building to its market value. Ekonomia I Środowisko - Economics and Environment, 70(3), 8. Retrieved from


In the presented considerations, attention was focused primarily on signaling selected problem issues related to energy effi ciency of buildings and its relation to the market value of a building property. The thesis was put forward that the improvement of energy effi ciency, through the implementation of the directions of technological development in the building industry and the use of
renewable energy sources signifi cantly affects the value of building property. In Poland, more and more importance is attached to environmental protection and energy savings through thermal modernization of buildings in order to improve thermal insulation of walls, modernization of ventilation system, regular inspections and repairs of central heating boilers, modernization of hot water preparation systems, introduction of alternative energy sources, or the use of modern technologies in the building industry.

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