Pursuing European Green Deal milestones in times of war in Ukraine – a context of energy transition in Poland


European Green Deal
energy transition
sustainable development
renewable energy sources
war in Ukraine

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Krawczyńska, Dominika, Bartłomiej Hadasik, Aleksandra Ryczko, Kornelia Przedworska, and Jakub Kubiczek. 2024. “Pursuing European Green Deal Milestones in Times of War in Ukraine – a Context of Energy Transition in Poland”. Economics and Environment 88 (1): 736. https://doi.org/10.34659/eis.2024.88.1.736.


Within the sustainable development (SD) paradigm, the European Green Deal (EGD) sets dynamic energy transition goals for the European Union (EU). However, diverse dynamics among member states, exacerbated by events like the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, directly influence this progress. This paper aims to present the energy transition course in EU countries up against the implementation of the objectives of the EGD. This paper conducts a thematic (scoping) literature review and comparative analysis of energy transition progress in all EU countries, concentrating on Poland, which faces unique challenges, including a sluggish pace of energy transition and the effects of the Russian invasion on Ukraine in this regard. Recommendations for Poland include an intensified focus on investments in renewable energy sources (RES) and low-carbon installations. The results demonstrate that collective success in SD necessitates each EU member fulfilling national climate goals, emphasising the need for a unified commitment to navigate complexities and build a sustainable future.



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