Changes in the behavior of organic food consumers


consumer, purchasing behavior, market, organic food

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Łuczka, W. (2019). Changes in the behavior of organic food consumers. Ekonomia I Środowisko - Economics and Environment, 70(3), 14. Retrieved from


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the purchasing behavior of organic food consumers based on survey fi ndings, and to identify the change patterns by comparing these fi ndings with a 2010 study and selected conclusions from other research carried out in Poland. A PAPI survey was carried out in 2018 with 214 respondents who buy organic food in stores located in Poznań. The
results were analyzed using descriptive statistics metrics. The survey revealed the growing importance of health and environmental concerns among the motives for buying organic food, as indicated by the consumers. Compared to fi ndings from previous research, there are improvements in consumer awareness and a transition from an egoistic to an altruistic approach to how their purchasing decisions affect the natural environment. Positive developments also include the increase in the share of regular consumers who form the basic segment of the organic food market, and the fact that online sales are viewed as a prospective place of buying organic food.

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