Sustainable development education at Polish universities


sustainable development, education, Polish universities

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Trela, M. (2019). Sustainable development education at Polish universities. Economics and Environment, 69(2), 14. Retrieved from


Purpose: An analysis of education programmes at selected universities in Poland in terms of coverage of subjects related to sustainable development. Methodology: An analysis of information published on the Internet, on the official website of each examined Polish university. Results: The scope of education on the subject matter related to sustainable development at the nine
best Polish universities was presented. The number and names of faculties and majors were indicated (where the main purpose was education on that subject matter and where that subject was taught, but it was not their basic teaching subject). The number of courses and ECTS points allocated to those courses was determined, for each major. Originality: The research results fill in the gaps in available statistics on teaching of courses related to sustainable development at Polish universities. The data can be the basis for comparisons between other periods and drawing of conclusions about the trends of changes in education.

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