Estimation of pro-ecological approach to road construction in economic efficiency assessment


assessment of the economic effectiveness of road and bridge projects, cost-benefit analysis, environmental protection, natural environment

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Ołdakowska, E. (2021). Estimation of pro-ecological approach to road construction in economic efficiency assessment . Ekonomia I Środowisko - Economics and Environment, 75(4), 13. Retrieved from


The development of the road network has a positive impact on a wide range of factors determining the efficient functioning of the state and the development of its regions. At the same time, it is an interference in environmental and agricultural space and a threat to landscape and cultural values. Protection of a very diversified natural environment means preservation, sustainable use, and
restoration of resources, creations, and components of nature. Hence, the environmentally friendly design and construction of road investments should include passive and active environmental protection and compensation. All effective solutions from a wide range of “good practices” minimise or eliminate the negative environmental impacts. At the same time, all those activities leading to the creation of an environmentally friendly “green” road network are “economically” estimated in economic analyses. The main goal of this paper is to indicate the “simplified” valuation of the pro-ecological approach to road construction in the assessment of economic effectiveness on the example of the Polish section of the S8 expressway (especially within protected areas). The lack of valuation in the monetary value of potential benefits resulting from avoidance, prevention or mitigation, unfortunately, has an impact on the economic result of cost-benefit analysis.

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