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Vol. 87 No. 4 (2023)
Published January 23, 2024

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The journal "Economics and Environment" is an international quarterly journal in the economics of environment and natural resources published in Poland. It has existed since 1992.  The reference version of the Journal is the electronic version.

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This is the Journal of the Polish Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.

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Fields and disciplines of science:

1.  Engineering and technology: architecture and urban planning, civil engineering and transport, environmental engineering, mining and energy

2.  Agricultural sciences: forestry; agriculture and horticulture

3.  Social sciences: economics and finance; social and economic geography and spatial management; management and quality studies; law

4.  The field of science and natural sciences: biotechnology

Economics and Environment is an Open Access journal that allows free unlimited access to its contents without any restrictions upon publication to all users. It provides access to its content under the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license. Authors who publish with our journal agree to make the submitted article available under the terms of the above-mentioned Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license.               



The Conference "New Challenges for Sustainable Development"



July 4, 2023

Publication deadline

Please be aware that articles submitted to the Journal after 20 April 2023 will be published in 2024.


April 19, 2023

Change of name of the journal "Ekonomia i Środowisko - Economics and the Environment"

Due to the internationalisation of the journal "Economics and Environment", the Board of the Foundation of Environmental and Natural Resource Economists, in agreement with the Foundation Council and the Polish Association of Environmental and Natural Resource Economists, has decided to change the name of the journal to: "Economics and Environment".


March 29, 2023


Waldemar Kozłowski, Konrad Turkowski
587, 1-29
A sustainable model of municipal economy
Aleksy Kwilinski, Oleksii Lyulyov , Tetyana Pimonenko
613, 1-22
The role of country's green brand and digitalization in enhancing environmental, social, and governance performance
Bogna Janik, Katarzyna Maruszewska
608, 1-19
Green bonds as the driving force of environmental performance – the European perspective
Jana Kozáková, Renata Skýpalová , Dariusz Pieńkowski
692, 1-25
Environmental responsibility of corporate management in the Visegrad region – comparative study of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia
Irena Kropsz-Wydra, Hanna Adamska, Tomasz Szuk, Stanisław Minta
672, 1-18
Investment outlays on nature protection in the context of the share of areas of high environmental value in the regions of Poland
Małgorzata Pięta-Kanurska
562, 1-16
Development of green infrastructure as a trend in climate transformation - challenges for Polish cities
Tadeusz Popławski, Michał Grzegorek
618, 1-16
Managing of types of functions Polish small towns in the context of their developmental challenges
Marcin Gospodarowicz, Zbigniew Korzeb, Paweł Niedziółka, Antonio de la Torre
686, 1-25
Financial, spatial and systemic determinants of ESG scoring assigned to commercial banks
Mirosław Broniewicz, Filip Broniewicz, Karolina Dec, Beata Skubiak
726, 1-18
The concept of using wind turbine propellers in the construction of acoustic screens as an example of a circular economy model
Małgorzata Wysocka
729, 1-18
Location of waste landfills in the aspect of hydrogeological conditions
Zbigniew Wisniewski, Józef Kuczmaszewski, Katarzyna Halicka, Maciej Kuboń, Sławomir Kocira, Andrzej Marczuk, Beata Oleksiak
641, 1-28
Critical assessment and recommendations for sewage sludge management in Poland


Elżbieta Roszko-Wójtowicz, Katarzyna Boczkowska, Konrad Niziołek
712, 1-36
Social and demographic factors in shaping the perception of work as a source of health and safety risks: a study on adult Europeans
Joanna Szydło, Miroslawa Czerniawska, Agnieszka Rzepka , Bernabe Alonso Fariñas
688, 1-29
Inclusive management in a diversified cultural environment
Paulina Trębska
616, 1-22
Prosumer behavior and the assessment of the level of sustainable development of households in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland
Lucyna Witek, Grażyna Kędzia, Iwona Staniec
629, 1-28
Towards sustainable purchase: the effect of social responsibility, innovativeness and knowledge of natural cosmetics purchasing consumers’ intentions
Agnieszka Ciechelska, Anna Matel, Tomasz Poskrobko, Edyta Sidorczuk-Pietraszko
635, 1-20
Circular economy rebound effect in the context of second-hand clothing consumption
Tadeusz Borys, Marek Bugdol, Daniel Puciato, Adam R. Szromek, Marcin Geryk
673, 1-21
Motivations for hotels to undertake pro-ecological activities – opinions of hotel guests
Klaudia Przybysz, Elżbieta Roszko-Wójtowicz, Agnieszka Stanimir
714, 1-23
Is seniors' tourism behavior related to sustainable tourism?
Bazyli Czyżewski, Sergii Iaromenko, Łukasz Kryszak
624, 1-31
Effects of local policies and public goods on tourism in rural areas: Exploring spatial dependence patterns
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