Problems of sustainable tourism in the research of polish scientist


sustainable tourism, sustainable development, scientific research

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Kiryluk, H. (2018). Problems of sustainable tourism in the research of polish scientist. Economics and Environment, 67(4), 14. Retrieved from


The main goal of the article is to attempt to summarize scientific research into sustainable tourism which has so far been completed in Poland and especially the presentation of different ways in which this concept is understood, the identification of principal research problems within this field and the identification of new paths of scientific research. The study was conducted using the desk research method and the comparative analysis method. Research had shown that Polish scientific centers had sees a rise in the number of researchers looking into sustainable tourism. This achievement is still not very extensive and presents numerous research gaps (substantive, empirical, methodological and practical). On account of the complexity of this study subject a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, systemic and strategic, model approach to the problems of sustainable tourism is needed.

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