Towards better risk estimation for the integrated water resources management


risk, uncertainty, water management

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Walczykiewicz, T., & Dubel, A. (2019). Towards better risk estimation for the integrated water resources management. Economics and Environment, 69(2), 12. Retrieved from


The aim of the paper is analysis of risk and uncertainty in water management in order to include them in a rigorous way in the decision making in water management according to the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) principles. Review of scientific literature as well as case studies analysis of the European Union research on risk with regard to IWRM served for the assessment of challenges related to the risk and uncertainty estimation in water management. A novelty in the paper is a comprehensive presentation of risk analysis methods related to IWRM based on the analysis of case studies. The conclusions indicate the gaps in the current practice of risk estimation, presentation and visualization. Thus, in turn could enhance decision making in water management.

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