Use of waste materials in alkaline-activated lightweight concrete


waste raw materials, ash aggregate, concrete, lightweight concrete, sustainable construction

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Nalewajko, M. (2021). Use of waste materials in alkaline-activated lightweight concrete . Economics and Environment, 74(3), 12.


The article presents the concept of using energy waste as an alternative material to natural aggregate and cement, which is one of the elements of sustainable construction. Because the amount of ash produced annually by power plants is very high, its use in the construction sector would allow for its significant elimination from the landfills of polluting components. The use of ash as a
substitute for cement, as well as the replacement of natural aggregate by ash sintering process for the production of light concretes would be a big step towards sustainable construction, whose integral point is the implementation of technologies allowing for the integration of construction with the environment. Current knowledge allows for the development of technologies for the production of lightweight concretes based on energy waste materials using alkalis with properties similar to or better than those of traditional lightweight concretes. This is extremely important from environmental protection, and at the same time is an alternative technology for the production of lightweight concretes when natural resources are exhausted.

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