sustainable innovations, innovations, sustainable development, protection of intellectual property

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Baran, A. (2021). SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS – SELECTED ASPECTS. Economics and Environment, 76(1), 12.


The article aims to analyse the state of art in the field of sustainable innovation in Poland and identify barriers to developing this type of innovations. The article describes the main barriers in the implementation of sustainable innovations and related problematic issues. Eco-innovation may help European entrepreneurs develop sustainable solutions, allowing better use of valuable resources and reducing the economy’s negative impact on the environment. Awareness of the benefits brought by environmental technologies is still low. Implementing environmental innovation requires a strategic approach, and introducing them to the company’s existing structures is difficult and time-consuming. Contemporary challenges, such as climate change and the depletion of natural resources, require new solutions. Modern economies are based on intangible assets protected by intellectual property rights, intellectual property management is now an integral part of any effective business strategy.

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