Pierwotne zadanie ekonomii: rozumieć człowieka
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economics, economy, the role of mankind in the economy, economics for sustainable development

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Kostka, M. S. (2021). Pierwotne zadanie ekonomii: rozumieć człowieka. Economics and Environment, 52(1), 16. https://www.ekonomiaisrodowisko.pl/journal/article/view/6


The aim of this paper is to justify the argument that Mankind should not stay out of the scope of
economics. This article is a presentation of selected fi ndings and conclusions of long term research conducted by
the author „Economics for Sustainable Development”, finished in 2013.
Mankind today stands on the deadly turn on its way towards the future – facing the crisis of Gordian’s knot.
The key remedy may be a global campaigns for sustainable development, where man and humanity are at the
essence. In the vanguard of this campaign should be economics and the economy. Unfortunately, mainstream
economics is indeed against sustainable development. It is most of all focused on economic growth and
increasing production. Today, economics is mostly oriented on satisfying greed at the expense of satisfying basic
needs ad hoc. Moreover, the current economy multiplies the resources which puts human well being and the
environment in danger (e.g. toxic waste and weapons of mass destruction). The main reason for this situation is
keeping mankind out of the scope of economy and economics. Man’s needs are the very cause and the key goal
of the economy and economics itself. The elemental categories, rules, diagnosis, prognosis, assessments of
economic reality, the solutions for changing this reality, almost all totally ignore the determinants and conclusions
of fi ndings about mankind. There is a need for serious research to be concluded in order to understand the role of
man and his place in the economy and in economics. Current economic theory almost fully omits the relevance of
primal instincts and subconscious actions of man in economic reality. Also important is the lack of systemic
treatment of society and its broadly defi ned natural and cultural environment based on the general theory of
systems and fundamental conclusions of ecology. Better understanding of human ecology and its connections to
economics will lead to a better state of existence and development of mankind. Economics must take into
account new research and original input concerning man and his place and role in his natural and social

PDF (Polish)
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