The profitalbility of investing in passive housing in Poland


passive building, residential building, investment in passive construction, the profitability of investing in passive buildings

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Gołąbeska, E. (2020). The profitalbility of investing in passive housing in Poland. Economics and Environment, 74(3), 14.


The article discusses the problem related to the profitability of investing in passive construction from the point of view of economic calculation and benefits related to environmental protection and energy conservation. The analysis was made to compare the costs of construction and operation of a single-family residential building in two variants: in traditional technology and in passive
building standard. The analysis was aimed at providing an answer to the question of whether the construction of a passive house will bring sufficient energy effects to be profitable for the investor. The ROE method was used and is interpreted as a rate of return on the investment financed by the investor. Using the simple payback period method, the number of years after which the  investment outlays invested in the project will return on the benefits obtained from the project was calculated. Finally, the economic viability of the investment was assessed by calculating the NPV index. The essence of the article is to indicate optimal solutions that would promote passive construction in Poland by offering, among others, beneficial subsidies for such projects.

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